!! Where quality counts first !!

For any jewelry manufacturing organisation like DVN GROUP, its employees are perhaps the best asset. People at DVN GROUP serve clients with vibrant energy and enthusiasm. 'Where Quality Counts First' is the motto adopted by people at DVN GROUP. People here are well inclined towards their roles & responsibilities and are given complete freedom to do justice to their roles. We believe in continuous enhancement and growth of our human capital through on going process of training & development. At DVN GROUP, we encourage innovative ideas and suggestions from employees and value their contributions. Team DVN GROUP works towards common goal of 'Client Esteem' and in process of deriving this goal people at DVN GROUP keep learning, evolving and developing every day.


Enthusiasm, Enterprise, Education and Ethics form the four pillars at DVN GROUP. At DVN GROUP, one can witness the vibrant energy, enthusiasm and the enterprising drive to excel, flowing freely throughout the organisation. Here, one can also experience the creativity, one-to-one responsiveness, collaborative approach and passion for delivering value.

At DVN GROUP, people evolve to be more effective, efficient, and result oriented. Knowledge is inherent due to the education-centric approach and the experience in handling different domains / solution areas and across diverse profiles.

DVN GROUP understands that the people are the most important assets of the company and it is not the company that grows but the people. It, hence, undertakes rigorous training and educational activities for enhancing the entire team at DVN GROUP. It also believes in the 'Learning through Responsibility' concept for its employees.

For people at DVN GROUP, success is not a new word, but is a regular stepping-stone to realising the common vision that everyone shares.


At DVN GROUP we believe in transforming the lives of our customers. We exist to create a difference - a change towards a better life. The culture here, reflects this responsibility, this dream of transforming lives. And we, at DVN GROUP are always excited and enthused in doing so. We believe in keeping 'Customer First', providing you with the products and services that meet your stated and unstated needs. Client satisfaction and client service is the Mantra we constantly recite. This service oriented philosophy runs throughout the organisation, from the top to the bottom.

Employees are given ample freedom in their work. The objective is to keep an open, healthy environment with ample scope for enterprise, improvement, innovations and out-of-the box solutions. Our efforts are constantly engaged in improving our existing services, offering new and innovative solutions that go beyond expectations. This focus has made us one of the most respected and preferred service providers, especially in the mutual fund industry.


People form the core of DVN GROUP, and DVN GROUP believes that they are the greatest assets. DVN GROUP strives to create the best workplace for the all employees that would help provide the most efficient workplace with a balanced life. We encourage our employees to connect, communicate and celebrate the essence of life along with work.

DVN GROUP Technologies is located in the sprawling 1 Lac Sq. Ft. Head Office of DVN GROUP. The H.O. offers a very open and pleasant work atmosphere along with great facilities and services to employees, which include,

  • Well stocked Library
  • Canteen with lunch & snack services
  • Fitness Center
  • Auditorium